This film depicts racism experienced by Indigenous peoples. If this film has triggered strong negative thoughts or feelings, support is available.


7 minutes 26 seconds

Closed captioning

Closed captioning available in English and French

Using a chronological timeline, Birth exposes Canada’s history of eugenics-based policies and how they’ve contributed to the forced or coerced sterilization of Indigenous women.

“This film is crucial in relaying the reality that in the year 2021, forced coerced sterilization in Canada is legal. Until forced coerced sterilization is criminalized, Indigenous women and girls remain at risk in their most vulnerable state of pregnancy once admitted in any hospital throughout Canada. This is the reality Indigenous women are subjected to in Canada, genocide remains legal within the health care system and this is not acceptable, nor has this barbaric practice ever been acceptable at any time in history. What will it take to enlighten the federal/provincial governments and indeed, practitioners of the inhumane torture? Not only does forced coerced sterilization infringe on the human rights of each individual’s bodily autonomy, this form of genocide fractures generations. This is not acceptable.”   — Morningstar Mercredi